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Saturday, June 18, 2005

Schiavo questions

Just a few questions and a couple of letter suggestions with regard to the latest round of the Terri Schiavo matter. My questions are not just what is Jeb Bush drinking (as The Moderate Voice puts it) they are actual things that I am confused about.

First, in the letter Jeb sent to the state attorney, he says he is urging an investigation “in light of this new information”. What “new information”? One of the comments at TMV points to this St. Peteresburg Times article from today (6/18/2005) which lays out some of the facts behind the timeline inquiry. Here is my summary: In 1990 Michael Schiavo called 911, in 1992 he gave testimony as to what time he called 911, in 2003 he told Larry King that he called 911 at a different time. So what is new? The only thing “new” is the fact that the medical examiner noted that there were different times reported over the course of the 15 years. Certainly all these facts were known by at least 2003. When she was first admitted to the hospital was Michael questioned at all?

Second, the article referenced above (and other articles I have read) notes that Jeb Bush met with the medical examiner before the medical examiner’s report was released. Just a couple of questions here: What was said at that meeting? Did the report change at all from before the meeting?

Third, if Michael was really trying to make sure his wife died, wouldn’t he have (as Pandagon points out) just waited until she died before calling 911? If he had done something to her it would be imperative for him that she die. Plus, given the hour and that he had come in late, couldn’t he have just said “I slept through it and woke up and found her dead.” But let’s assume that there was a delay. It is pretty clear from the medical examiner’s report that there is nothing to prove that Michael did something to cause her situation. So that leaves the possibility that he is guilty of delaying his call to 911. As a lawyer in the article above notes, that is a tough case to make.

So those are my questions, here are the two letters that I would like to see written:

First, a letter to the State’s Attorney asking for an investigation into the Medical Examiner’s conversation with the governor prior to release of the M.E.’s report. Did the governor use his office or the threat of discipline to have any part of the report changed. Or, more basically, did the report change as a result of the meeting.

Second, a letter to the State’s Attorney asking for an investigation into whether Jeb Bush aided and abetted his daughter’s drug use, whether he destroyed evidence of the drug use or obstructed justice in any investigation into his daughter’s drug use. Of course this second letter is mean spirited and petty, then again so is the letter in the Schiavo matter. (On the other hand, it is more recent and therefore more likely to yield results if investigate and it may have some basis in fact .


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