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Thursday, June 16, 2005

The Partisan Conspirator

Todd Zywicki is striking me more and more like a wannabe political hack than a sharp legal mind and valued member of the Conspiracy. In his latest piece he says he is “reading increasing reports about home state, grass roots fall-out from the filibuster deal. . . . Especially interesting is the difference in perception of the deal back home versus inside the beltway.”

One link he provides is to a story out of South Carolina where the State Republican party chairman is talking about the hot water that Lindsey Graham is in for participating in the compromise. This story actually does add something, it provides some data, it says that Graham has some trouble with people who voted for him and supported him. The other link he provides is to an editorial from the Colorado Springs paper that blasts Salazar as a “run-of-the-mill liberal”. So Graham is in trouble back home because people who voted for him and supported him in the past are mad at him and Salazar is in trouble back home because an editorial writer thinks he is a liberal?

But this is not your average Colorado Springs editorial writer. This author (Sean Paige) works for an avowedly conservative news organization, Freedom Communications (which incidentally offers this summer internship through George Mason University’s Institute for Humne Studies and, oh by the way, Prof. Zywicki is a faculty member of the Institute). Mr. Paige probably knows more about “the beltway” than Colorado Springs. In his career he has worked for conservative politicians (such as Alan Keyes) and conservative publications (including a DC weekly owned by the publisher of the Washington Times).

Of course there is nothing wrong with any of this except that Prof. Zywicki refers to the opinion piece for proof that there is adverse reaction “back home” for Salazar. There may, indeed, be a backlash against Salazar for his position but I hardly think referring to someone who most probably did not support him is the best evidence of that.


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