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Monday, April 11, 2005

My letter to my congressman re: DeLay

I just wated to drop you a quick note, as one of your constituents, to express my concerns about Tom DeLay continuing as the majority leader in the House of Representatives. More troubling than his corruption (even if it is not illegal) and his arrogance, is the fact that under his leadership I do not see how we get out from under persistent massive structural budget deficits. In addition, his comments on the judiciary strike me as intemperate.

If you don't believe in an independent judiciary, continue to support him. If you believe in the continued growth of government, then continue to support him. If you believe in exploding amounts of money being spent on Medicare, continue to support him.

I believe that the Medicare changes he forced down the throats of House members are such that it is irresponsible to even discuss changing Social Security until the problems with Medicare (which are much larger and loom much sooner) are addressed. If you and your colleagues do not get spending under control, which cannot be done with Mr. DeLay as majority leader, you will be forced to rescind tax cuts or to foist the bill on my three children.

Please have some courage (I know it will take much) and oppose Mr. DeLay.


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