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Thursday, April 21, 2005

David Brooks on the Filibuster

Even David Brooks is expressing concerns about the nuclear option. You have to wade through some of his thoughts on Roe v. Wade, some of which I would disagree with, but he makes the following points:

Once the filibuster was barred from judicial nomination fights, it would be barred entirely. . . .The culture of deliberation would be voided. Minority rights would be unprotected. . . . Those who believe in smaller government would suffer most.

It would be interesting to see, when the time comes for debate on the nuclear option (assuming there will be any debate), whether any Dems make precisely this very conservative argument.

As an aside, if I were a “pro-choice” Republican I would be troubled by this observation of Brooks: “If [Republican Senators who love the institution] turn back now, their abortion activists will destroy them.” (Not surprised, troubled.)


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